Sunday, August 7, 2011

Robert Cafazzo Art Work of Dennis Hopper

The above photograph is a Polaroid by Brandon Lee that was stolen from an LA Gallery this past year, if you have any knowledge of the current whereabouts of this photo please report it. The rest of the images here are assemblage paintings by Robert Cafazzo available at Two Graces Plaza Gallery in Ranchos de Taos, 575-758-4101 or email at for more information about Taos & TGPG please read the other blog at or join us on Facebook at Two Graces Plaza Gallery thank you for your interest.
These next 6 images are of Mr. Hopper in his later years as I knew him, an elder statesman who I have great respect for and gratitude.
"Dennis Hopper, Winged Angel" 8" x 9 1/2" SOLD Framed, collage & paint on heavy board
"Man with a Camera" 8" x 10" SOLD Framed, collage and drawing on heavy paper
"The Ballad of Dennis Hopper" 7" x 9" SOLD Framed, collage on heavy paper
"I'm a Real Fragile Dennis Hopper" 36" x 36" SOLD 
collage, acrylic, cadmium pigment, & partial flag on ampersand board
"Summer of Love" 6 3/4" x 8 3/4" $175. collage on heavy paper
"Hopper & the Blue Meanie" 17" x 20" Sold 
collage, acrylic, metal & glass piece from Los Alamos Lab on wood
The Blue Meanie from yellow Submarine painted here is trying to break the ice with a bit of humor and menace, which to me reflects in Hopper the actor, just check out the film he directed "Backtrack" maybe you'll catch what I Mean.
HiHo Film Magazine from Japan with portrait of myself at Hopper's grave site, NFS
When I first began making artwork with Dennis Hopper images it was while DH was alive, here in Taos to help promote the town marketing campaign of "The Summer of Love". Running in to him at a local restaurant I stopped and thanked him for helping save our local economy that summer. He generously allowed himself to be a part of the attraction for visitors to Taos.
"Blue Hopper" 5 1/4" x 7 3/4" $150. Framed, collage & acrylic on heavy paper
In these next 10 assemblages here I'm using an image of Mr. Hopper which was taken on his arrest for a 1975 Hit & Run driving incident here in Taos. He had hit a parked car and took off without reporting it. When he saw me using this image he asked me where I'd gotten it from, my reply was, "Have you ever Googled yourself" that's all he needed to know.
"Dennis Hopper Indian Chief" 8" x 10" SOLD Framed, acrylic & collage on heavy paper
"Hopper Angel" 3" x 5 1/2" SOLD Framed, acrylic, collage, metal tag and bullet casings
"Dennis Hopper Police Evidence" 5 1/4" x 7 3/4" $150. Framed, acrylic & collage on heavy paper 
"Hopper in Blue, after Warhol" 11 1/2" x 14 1/2" $300. Framed 
acrylic, oil stick, pastel, collage on heavy paper 
"Dennis Hopper, Blue Man" 5 1/4" x 7 3/4" SOLD Framed, collage & acrylic on heavy paper
"Hopper Icon" 16" x 20" SOLD Framed, collage & acrylic on heavy paper
"Hopper Paparazzi" 16" x 20" $350. Framed, collage and acrylic on heavy paper 
The painting of Papa Smurf here relays the word and title of the piece paparazzi, (I created this long before the current Smurf movie).
"Hopper Jail Bird" 16" x 20" SOLD Framed, collage & acrylic on heavy paper
"Blue Hopper, after Warhol" 24" x 30" SOLD Framed, collage, acrylic, oil stick, pastel on heavy paper
2 Hopper PostCards made for a SMFA benefit SOLD
Dennis Hopper promotional film still from "The Last Movie" signed by Dennis NFS
The image for these next 6 pieces is from "The Last Movie" press photos. Although the film was met with disregard by the film's distributor, the making of this film was an amazing journey for Mr. Hopper. 
I just wish his brother would write a book about all of this.
"Dennis Hopper SuperStar" 3" x 3" $75.  Framed, collage, acrylic & starfish
"Hopper Soup" 16" x 20" SOLD Framed, collage, acrylic on heavy paper
"Hoppity Hopper" 15 3/4" x 18 1/2" $300. Framed, collage, acrylic on heavy paper
"Dennis Hopper Wild West Show" 16" x 20" SOLD Framed, collage, acrylic on heavy paper
I painted this image from a Yellow Submarine still frame. 
The Beatles animated film "Yellow Submarine" was an enormous influence on me, at the time in grade school I drew and printed with block prints the characters from the film on everything, especially my grade school homework.
"Return Gallery, Taos" 16" x 16" $450., collage, pigment, acrylic on ampersand board
"4 Blue Hoppers, after Warhol" 7 3/4" x 10" $200. Framed, collage, acrylic on heavy paper
"Dennis Hopper Golden Boy" 14 1/2" x 18" $350. Framed, collage, acrylic on heavy paper
This image comes at a time when Mr. Hopper returns to stardom, in part thanks to his new found sobriety.
"Warhol Screen Test" 18" x 18" Private Collection collage, pigment, acrylic on ampersand board
Frames from the Andy Warhol Screen Test film of Hopper.
"Dennis Hopper Works of Art" 18" x 51" Carved & Painted Cedar Wood Sign by Ron Gardner 1970
Sold to the Dennis Hopper Foundation
This sign was on the Gallery that Mr. Hopper owned here in taos for 2 years which was located on Kit Carson, his gallery occupied the front left space of Cabot Plaza. It's my understanding that the gallery exhibited Warhol and some of the other contemporary artists of the time period. During his tenure as a gallery owner 2 Warhol paintings were sold, which led to the demise of the gallery.

I currently represent myself here at Two Graces Plaza Gallery in Ranchos de Taos, if you are interested in representing my artwork outside New Mexico or including my art in an exhibit (group or otherwise), please contact me, I'd be happy to send a resume and more information.

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