Friday, July 9, 2010

Ram Hunter Panel

Above is my pen & ink drawing of ram petroglyphs, this panel is about 10 feet wide, and is on Japanese rice paper. Below is a close-up of a portion of this panel. This was done as a commission for a resident of Cimmaron, NM. I tend to avoid this town as I've been pulled over there twice for speeding, so be careful driving through it. There is an incredible herd of Antelope and Buffalo nearby, but alas also a rifle range just next to the game preserve.
From what I know about ram petroglyphs and how I think of them to this day is that they are directional signifiers, so many rams means so far to go to where they are pointing. In the drawing I've included snakes to signify water, so the rams are pointing towards a body of water.
When I draw animals facing to the right I am pointing to the East or my origins, as an easterner, and again towards Europe/Italy. When I draw animals facing toward the west I think of my own journey to the Southwest eventually landing me here in Taos, NM. Over the years I have been fortunate to wander around the southwest looking for petroglyphs, and as more and more people have seen my artwork I have been told other places to see these great ancient drawings. Here in Taos very close by is a rock formation with some of the best petroglyphs I've had the opportunity to see.

Easy Rider Dennis Hopper

These photographs are by Dick Spas, and currently an exclusive item at Two Graces Gallery, for prices please email or call 575-758-4101, they are the same price for everyone it's just I'd rather not publish the pricepoint here.
The framed size is 16" x 20", with the image size 10" x 13"
Above is Dennis Hopper with Peter Fonda at Taos Pueblo, during the Easy Rider shoot.

Dennis Hopper at Taos Pueblo cemetery.

Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper at the ruins of the early Taos Pueblo Church and old cemetery, with Taos Blue mountain in the background.
A few years ago I was honored with a commission of making a cross to be a replacement in this cemetery by one of the Taos Pueblo families. I made it in the old style and painted it white like all the others that stand there today.
These photographs are incredible and a great tribute to this time period in American Film History. Mr. Hopper lives on through his work in film, photography, art, writing, and of course the great iconic images of him.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mailing List

As you can see from the 2010 calendar, we are having some very exciting events this year. If you'd like to be added to or deleted to the e-mailing list please send me a note at Two Graces Gallery is always open to suggestions for exhibitions or for use as an event space. In the past we have had a couple of weddings and receptions, poetry readings, fashion shows, music, scavenger hunts for art groups and tea parties. For extremely private shoppers we offer Closed Door shopping during regular hours and/or after hours, allowing you to take your time to shop and relax in our 300 year old space, without interruption. Two Graces is open every day and closes on occasion for the odd Monday Holiday and Christmas & Thanksgiving. A VERY PRIVATE Preview Reception will be held for the Art of the Doll exhibit on Wednesday evening July 14 at 6PM, to be on the guest list please email, otherwise all are welcome to the public opening on Friday July 16 from 5-8PM. Over 60 Dolls made by artists over the last 4 months will be on view, partial proceeds to support the Haitian Orphanage Relief Fund, which curator Barbara Thomas has a very special place in her heart.
Thank you for your interest in Two Graces Gallery, Taos' Best & Most Affordable Art Gallery.

Two Graces Exhibition Calendar

Two Graces Gallery 2010 Exhibition Calendar
66 St. Francis Church Plaza, PO Box 1587, Ranchos de Taos, NM 87557

Enjarre: Images of the San Francisco de Asis Church of Ranchos de Taos, featuring Vintage and Contemporary photographs.
June 4-July 13, opening reception Friday 5-8PM June 4, 2010

Art of the Doll, Return to Sacred Places, curated by Barbara Thomas, group exhibit
July 16-September 7, opening reception Friday 5-8PM July 16, 2010

Robert Cafazzo in a Spiritual Place, current artwork
September 8-October 20, opening reception Friday 5-7PM September 8, 2010

Art & Altars Gallery Tour throughout Taos, (I HOPE)
Dia de los Muertos VII/Day of the Dead 7
October 22-November 30, opening reception Friday 5-8PM October 22, 2010
This event is also being planned as a Taos area Day of the Dead art tour with Galleries, Hotel Lobbies, and Restaurants displaying art & altars for this we hope to be annual Taos event, if you'd like to be on the committee or be a part of this event please contact me.

Small Works, group exhibit, Ranchos Annual Holiday Open House
December 1-January 4 Open House Friday all day December 1, 2010

courtesy photograph above thanks to Paula Valentine

Enjarre: Vintage & Contemporary Photographs of San Francisco de Asis Church

The first exhibit for 2010 at Two Graces Gallery features photographs by local artists Cris Pulos, Lenny Foster, Doug Yeager, Gak Stonn & Paula Valentine. This exhibition was timed to coincide with the re-mudding of the Church itself called the enjarre, an annual springtime event to scrape off the old crumbling adobe and plaster with mud and straw. As we are located in the shadow of this great icon I felt it quite fitting that we would honor the San Francisco de Asis Church in this way. People have been taking photographs of this structure since they started coming here with cameras for almost 100 years. The ever changing light, the clouds and the seasons all make this a photographers greatest challenge.
Local photographer Cris Pulos took this photo around 2AM during the full moon, it's richer and darker in real life. He has created an image that reflects Ranchos de Taos as a small village at the center of which is the great San Francisco de Asis Church.
Doug Yeager & Rchard Fallon images above, Doug's photo is the one which appears as sepia toned, my favorite images of Churches are always of the windows.
Here are 2 images by Lenny Foster, the green glow is caused from the street lights at night, the central image here is taken from a bird's eye view, Mr. Foster rented a 'cherry picker' for this great shot. The other is a vintage study by Philip Traeger.
Cris Pulos, Ranchos 1974 by Sean Kernan, and again Lenny Foster.
2 of Cris Pulos images
3 of Cris Pulos images, the color & B&W photographs side by side are wonderful together creating a great dynamic.
3 vintage photos in a row courtesy of Gallery LouLou, Santa Fe, along with Gak Stonn's hand painted giclee shown here above the window. The Gallery also has prints of this image by Gak.
3 images by Taos photographer Paula Valentine, there are days when I see Ms. Valentine everywhere I go, always with camera in hand.
This exhibition was given a featured story in the June 3 issue of Taos News, in the Tempo arts section. The exhibit has been on view in the gallery June 4 - July 13, 2010.
Pricing starts at $5.99 for a small Note Card size print of the Stonn panorama and $11.99 for a poster of this image, or $9.99 for a Note Card sized Lenny Foster "The Prayer of Saint Francis", these are all suitable for framing.
For pricing of framed artwork please contact the gallery at or 575-758-4639
Two Graces Gallery would also like to acknowledge the help and support of these galleries which have loaned artwork and artists to this exhibit: Gallery LouLou of Santa Fe, Wilder Nightingale Fine Art, Living Light Gallery both of Taos, thank you, R