Friday, July 9, 2010

Easy Rider Dennis Hopper

These photographs are by Dick Spas, and currently an exclusive item at Two Graces Gallery, for prices please email or call 575-758-4101, they are the same price for everyone it's just I'd rather not publish the pricepoint here.
The framed size is 16" x 20", with the image size 10" x 13"
Above is Dennis Hopper with Peter Fonda at Taos Pueblo, during the Easy Rider shoot.

Dennis Hopper at Taos Pueblo cemetery.

Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper at the ruins of the early Taos Pueblo Church and old cemetery, with Taos Blue mountain in the background.
A few years ago I was honored with a commission of making a cross to be a replacement in this cemetery by one of the Taos Pueblo families. I made it in the old style and painted it white like all the others that stand there today.
These photographs are incredible and a great tribute to this time period in American Film History. Mr. Hopper lives on through his work in film, photography, art, writing, and of course the great iconic images of him.


  1. this is awesome... what fab photgraphs!

  2. hi, and many "mabel friends" loved your shop and meeting you.

    it was amazing for me to see these photos in the gallery, especially after the time spent with david. only regret, not getting back to see the doll show and meet Cat.
    all the best, until next july, neva