Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day of the Dead 7 Dia de los Muertos VII: Part 2

Our annual Day of the Dead exhibit has been dedicated to the memory of Dennis Hopper. In past exhibitions we have had a number of family altars and art related to Day of the Dead depicting skeletons and such. This year the Hopper shrine is the featured altar, and includes the center piece created by Nancy Neva Gagliano, ($1,200.) along with photographs by Dick Spas and artwork by Robert Cafazzo.

Robert Cafazzo "Chief Hopper" SOLD assemblage 6 1/4" x 8 1/4"

Robert Cafazzo "Hopper Star" $75. box assemblage 5" x 5"

Robert Cafazzo "Blue Hopper" $95. assemblage 5 1/2" x 7 1/2"

Robert Cafazzo "Dennis Hopper, Bad ASS" assemblage 4" x 6" SOLD

Although I've posted this photograph before in the Easy Rider blog, here it has been reprinted by Dick Spas. "Dennis Hopper at Taos Pueblo Cemetery" $1,000. framed and matted. Mr. Spas works very meticulously printing over and over again destroying those prints which don't pass his expectations until he is happy with the results, then he frames and mats the photographs himself, again with great care. This photograph, (the first of which printing sold this past summer), is his second printing of this particular photo, these are archival silver gelatin prints. As Dick told me the other day he prints these very rarely, his archives are FULL of great Taos images, which brings me to the next one...

Dick Spas "Dennis Hopper The Actor's Studio" SOLD framed and matted the photo itself is 7 1/2" x 13"this is the first print of this particular photograph. Dick told me about it and asked if I'd like to include it in this exhibit, well OF COURSE. Again, in his vast photo archives this appeared. For the Harwood Museum $100. a plate benefit "Dinner with Hopper" at Antonio's restaurant as part of the Taos Summer of Love promotion this photograph was printed as a souvenir button, your ticket more or less to the event, perhaps 100 were printed as a button, Mr. Spas had never printed this piece before now, and here it is exclusively at Two Graces, wow.

Father William Hart McNichols "I Hold Out My Hand..." SOLD This is set into an Old Spice box that was my Mom's stepfathers, he was a big Old Spice guy before it was popular! Father Bill took about 10 days to finish this, but before he did he took a trip to California to visit his sister where he was telling someone about the piece he was working on for this exhibit. The woman immediately sight unseen purchased this original artwork! I didn't even get a chance to buy it for myself.

These 2 pieces are by Lindsay Robertson they are twig skeletons $50. each 9" x 14" on black velvet & 11" x 18" on brown corduroy.

Greg Moon "Going Old Testament" $485. above & below "Lighten up Francis" $350.

Greg Moon and his dad a while back had a gallery here in Taos, they also were the originators of the Taos Gallery Association. Now Greg has a new gallery called Greg Moon Art on Kit Carson behind the green door 575-770-4463

"Offering" collaboration between Mel James & Bill Jennings-Hill. SOLD

View of the south wall inside Two Graces Gallery featuring artwork by Chakotay, Dita & Wanashe Frank. When I asked these 3 young people to participate in this exhibition they were SO excited, in the past their mom Merce Mitchell has been a frequent guest artist for the Day of the Dead exhibit with her wonderful felted skull heads and other artwork. This year her very proud children have been included.

Rebecca Sievers "Skeleton Sock Monkeys and friends" $25. & $40. each. 3 of the original ones that were bound for this exhibit sold before the show even went up, Rebecca generously took the time to make a few more. Thank you to everyone who has helped and participated with this year's exhibit.


  1. great post! love seeing it, almost but not quite as good in person! your blue hopper is outstanding, and all the work is wonderful ... love the old spice box too... congrats

  2. Looks wonderful! Good description of the art surrounding - (friend of Neva and Cat)

  3. more great stuff, great pix of my Uncle Dennis. Thanks