Friday, March 9, 2012

Relief Paintings, "Personage or Critters", Robert Cafazzo

 This figure has a very Gold background which shows a bit muddy here in this photo, "Andy Warhol"
 "Our Lady of the Animal Shelter" & "PT Kitty" Both SOLD
 "MG Cow w glass eyes" & "Jerry Padilla Deer" Both SOLD
 "Looking After my Heart, (self portrait)" & "All That Matters, HS"
 "Medicine Man w antelope horn" & "CP, Owl Wisdom" Owl Both SOLD
"Lizard Katsina, DY w lizard" & "Labrynth Katsina w fossil" Labrynth is SOLD
These first 5 images of 11 figures are the newest small paintings completed 9/6/12

These small paintings are of clay, framed simply, (usually with wood from old lobster traps) they are 5" x 7" and are priced at $175. They tend to be inspired by people I know, sometimes just in passing and at times they are of people I see on a regular basis or my memories of that person, and of course some are self portraits. They are intended to be an impression and by no means an unflattering depiction. I often begin with the nose and go from there. The symbols inscribed around them tell a part of the narrative story. Many years ago I admired the primitive antique objects from around the world, and since I couldn't afford them I began to make my own versions. Whether you think of them as depictions of Kachinas, or Pre-Columbian figures they are my made up versions. When I was just beginning to exhibit, I made lots of these, often they were included in small works shows in NYC. Although I use the phrase "Critters" when referring to these relief paintings a better term would be "Personage" which something the artist Louise Bourgeoise used when commenting on her sculpture.
above: The Grandmother SOLD

The PM Lady from Taos Pueblo SOLD
The Gardener, SOLD
Minnie Mouse, SOLD
Mickey Mouse SOLD
Self Portrait
The Photographer, SOLD
Self Portrait, Private Collection
A Lady from Kansas... SOLD
Local Taos artist "The Bee Keeper" KW SOLD
This one is based on a combination of the Buddha & Northwest Coast carvings, it is my version of the iconographer painter Father Bill McNichols. Private Collection
 Rabbit Hunter (TH) w fox teeth SOLD
MD MD Personage
This "Hello Kitty" version is a depiction of my Mom. SOLD
 Honey Badger SOLD
 Mother Cow SOLD  Black Madonna w/sandscrit tablet SOLD
Orly of the BeeWeed SOLD

The Pot Carrier SOLD

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  1. I love my "critter" !!! I have a "bull" with starfish horns holding a rose.